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About Us

North American Deer Slam Club

North American Deer Slam Club (NADSC) is owned by Darrell Bussard, Lindsay Parker, and Dennis Wintch.

Darrell Currently resides in Arlington Washington, but spent 23 years living and raising his family in the central coast area of California.  He attended Western Washington University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Manufacturing Engineering.  He has spent the majority of his career as General Manager and CEO of 2 midsize Aerospace Companies.  He is currently a principal at OneAccord Partners, a business consulting firm.  He has a love for the outdoors and has hunted big game in Africa, New Zealand, South America and all over the continental United States.  His true passion is for deer hunting, be it with a bow and arrow, muzzle loader or rifle.  His life long dream is to complete the North American Deer Slam with record class animals. Darrell completed his North American Deer slam in 2016 with a nice Sitka Blacktail buck of Kodiak Island. So now its record book bucks, he has a good start with his Columbia Blacktail monster!


                               Darrell Bussard




Lindsay lives in Heber City, Utah.  He is a doctor of Optometry by schooling but has not actively practiced since 1999 when he sold his practice in Tehachapi, CA and moved back to Utah.  He was a financial planner for 8 years.  Presently, Lindsay owns a fishing lodge in Alaska, has real estate in the lower 48, and owns a direct marketing company Passion Biz.

Lindsay's passion is deer hunting, and in particular mule deer.  He has hunted mule deer from Alberta, Canada to Sonora, Mexico and Saskatuwan, Canada to California.

Lindsay has completed the North American Deer Slam but want to put one of each species in the record book and do it with each weapon (rifle, muzzleloader, and bow).  


                    Lindsay Parker



Dennis Wintch lives in Elk Ridge, Utah.  Dennis is a carpet contractor and muledeer hunting guide.  

Dennis grew up in Tropic, Utah in southern Utah.  Dennis' dad was a rancher and hunter of big muley bucks.  Dennis followed in his father's footsteps and started hunting the monster muleys of southern Utah.

Dennis has hunt all types of big game throughout the world, but his love is monster muley in the desert country of the west.  Dennis' has kill 14 bucks over 30 inches wide and has three in the B&C record book.  Dennis' "Mr. Big" is the second largest main frame Muley in the world.  Dennis has also guided on another 32 muleys over 30 inches wide.  That is quite a feat indeed!


Dennis lacks only the Sitka Blacktail deer to complete his North American Deer Slam. He thinks this year may be the year to complete his slam, if he can find time, since he in such high demand to guide during hunting season.


                                 Dennis Wintch