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Kirk's Completed Main Slam +

Kirk Winward completed his North American Deer Slam.  


                                            Congratulations Kirk!


Mule Deer


Score - 234 5/8 NADS, 217 1/8 - SCI


Kirk has taken mule deer with a muzzleloader as well as a rifle.  His best buck is the one pictured above.  This is a 196 2/8 beauty was taken in New Mexico back in 1999.  





Whitetail Deer


Score - 163 NADS, 151 - SCI


Kirk has taken whitetail  several nice whitey with this one above being his best. This is a 155 inch, 24 inch buck taken in central Alberta, Canada in xxxx2004.  



Coues Deer


Score - 64 2/8 NADS, 55  - SCI


Kirk took his best Coues deer in Sonora, Mexico.  It was taken with a rifle in xxxx1997.  The buck pictured below is the best picture he has. Kirk has taken several nice coues deer.   

You can see Kirk's complete deer trophy room in the MEMBERS ONLY section of the website.




Columbian Blacktail Deer


Score - 103 2/8 NADS, 94  2/8 - SCI


Kirk has taken only one Columbian Blacktail deer of which is pictured above. It was taken in California.  

You can see his archery buck trophy room in the MEMBERS ONLY section of the website.





Sitka Blacktail Deer


Score -  63 3/8 NADS


Kirk's Sitka Blacktail deer makes the B&C book. When he took this monster, on Kodiak Island, it back in xxxx it was the #4 SCI.

Kirk has taken 3 Sitka Blacktail deer.


MEMBERS ONLY section of the website.



Main Slam +

Kirk has taken a Columbia Whitetail Deer. This species was on the endanger species list until about 10 years ago. So there are very few hunters that have this Main Slam +! Great work Kirk!





Columbia Whitetail Deer


Score -  63 3/8 NADS


Kirk took this beauty trophy Columbia whitetail back in 2004xxxx.


... near the world record! in his complete trophy room in the MEMBERS ONLY section of the website.












<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/nzPeijVMv8U?list=PLXL9rgxBzwrOIuLLVIQnIg7ThqcntTCWA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>