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Dennis Wintch's Main Slam

Dennis Wintch - 4/5 slam!


Dennis has completed 4 out of 5 deer in his North American Deer Slam.  He only lacks a Sitka Blacktail deer to complete his North American Deer Slam!




Mule Deer


Score - 281 7/8 NADS, 270 1/8 SCI


Dennis' muley called "Mr Big" is one of the largest mule deer ever taken! Mr. Big's main frame score 235, second only to the Mundy buck!




Whitetail Deer


Score - 192 1/8 NADS, 171 3/8 SCI


Dennis' best whitetail is any Booker.  This beauty came out of Canada.




Coues Deer


Score - 126 4/8 NADS, 113 3/8 SCI


Dennis took this nice coues deer in Sonora, Mexico.







Columbian Blacktail Deer


Score - 128 3/8 NADS, 117 SCI


Dennis' Columbian Blacktail came out of Northern California.













Watch for Dennis' - VIDEO of his 1999 MEXICO MULEY